Counselling & Psychotherapy in Vancouver, BC

Change is easier with the support of a professional counsellor.

Counselling can help you find your personal strength; learn the limiting beliefs and patterns that may be preventing you from feeling your best.

My name is Rosalyn Harry and I am a Canadian Certified Counsellor with a private practice in Vancouver, BC. I chose Serenity Counselling as the name for my counselling therapy practice to reflect my innate calming nature and the feeling I hope that my clients experience as a result of our counselling journey.

My purpose is to offer emotional support and professional counselling services to individuals in times of need and to facilitate community awareness of issues and information pertaining to personal wellness and emotional well being.

It’s fair to say that everyone can benefit from the counselling experience. What counselling therapy entails is an in-depth conversation with the goal of arriving at a profound understanding of your feelings, your needs, your reactions and your life experiences.

Sometimes the demand in our complex day to day lives does not allow us adequate time to sort through personal concerns, or even understand our own emotions. Therapy sessions with Rosalyn allow for that valuable time.

Dragonfly as metaphor

I chose a dragonfly as an image for several reasons. Dragonflies start their life out in the water, living on the bottom of a pond or stream for up to two years. The dragonfly then transforms into the adult dragonfly where it lives in the air. Their ability to fly at remarkable speeds while they maneuver around obstacles and quickly change direction is what makes the dragonfly so extraordinary.

The power of the Dragonfly lies in its ability to see around things by looking from different angles. The essence of dragonfly beckons us to look at each situation from many perspectives and calls us to transform within our lives and remain resilient throughout a variety of circumstances. Connecting with others through counselling is one of the ways that I believe we gain this resiliency.